Dentures are artificial substitutes for your natural teeth and the tissue that surrounds them. With advancement in technology, there are numerous varieties of dentures like- complete, immediate and partial ones that you can opt for to replace your missing teeth or your entire set of teeth. Here are some of the FAQs related to them, which will give you a better perspective about them:

Are they easy to use and adjust?

Usually, when you get implant dentures (or any other type) for the first time, they might feel a bit strange. However, with time they will feel more natural just like your regular teeth. Similarly, you can also learn to adjust them without hassles with practice.

Why are they the best option for missing tooth?

You can get dentures custom made to suit your existing teeth and gums and this is why, when you wear them, they look every bit natural. So, when you have quite a number of missing tooth, these can be one of the best options for the same. This will allow you to smile, talk confidently without even breaking your budget.

Will my dentures last a life time?

Although dentures are durable, they can’t last a life time. They are prone to chipping, breaking, getting out of shape, discoloration to name a few. What you can definitely do is to maintain them in the best possible way to make them last longer. For instance, you can use special toothbrush and toothpaste to clean them.

I hope that these points gave you a better idea about dentures. So, if you need to get them for your smile makeover, simply go ahead with the same. Cheers!

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