Every person is not born with a perfect smile some have discoloured tooth enamel or some have stains on their teeth that keep away them from smiling. Missing or chipped teeth are also responsible for a crooked smile of a person. There are many dental procedures or smile makeovers that can provide you a healthy and beautiful smile so you can feel more confident. Cosmetic dentistry solutions also help to reduce your dental pain.

Smile makeovers are very helpful to get a perfect and beautiful smile. There are many dental procedures available at your dentist and also over the counter. Teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, braces, and dental implants are some of them. Bleaching strips and whitening toothpaste are the over the counter drugstore options that might help to improve discoloured teeth by just few shades.

Dental veneers are one of the most popular choices of people among all smile makeovers. In such dental procedures, laminates prepared of porcelain or composite is bonded to the natural tooth, to improve its appearance. These are very helpful to correct dental pain caused by a single tooth defect. It is also useful to make entire smile.

Besides dental pain, veneers can also address a range of other problems like distance between teeth or unappealing tooth size. Many dentists also offer braces as a dental procedure to fix close gaps and crooked smile. For the full smile makeover, dental implants are the best option where prosthetic tooth is screwed at the place of natural tooth. These are frequently used for damaged or missing tooth.

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