A new dental technology, All on Four dental implants offer patients a permanent set of teeth which look and feel natural. These permanent teeth can be brushed and cleaned just like normal natural teeth. Traditional tooth replacements typically require eight to ten implants per jaw while all on four with good cosmetic dentists in Melbourne requires only four implants per jaw.
All on four dental implants offer a more sophisticated and comprehensive solution to patients suffering from tooth loss. This resourceful tooth replacement technique essentially enables cosmetic dentists to replace patient’s whole mouth of missing or failing teeth with the use of only four prosthetic implants to support an entire lower or upper denture. The procedure was created during the mid to late 1990's. It minimises the surgery and recovery time and also helps to reduce the materials required to complete this process. These implants are the best solution than removable dentures which are colloquially known as false or fake teeth.

Though all on four dental implants is a very simple procedure, the advantages it offers over traditional tooth replacement and other implant technique has made a breakthrough status in the medicinal fields of oral rehabilitation and dental implantology. Previously, patients who required a new set of teeth had to look at having as many as 10 implants surgery for both lower and upper jaw. It costs a lot amount of money and also requires as many as 20 placement surgeries. So, patients have to look at spending up to 18 months to get fully recovered from the surgery. Only some people can afford this kind of dental implant techniques.

As the name suggests, the All on Four dental implants requires only four implants per jaw to support a fully customised prosthetic dental bridge. For both upper and lawer jaw, only eight implants are required which can be placed in just a single surgery, in only one day with good cosmetic dentist in Melbourne. This way, patients get a completely brand new set of non-removable and immediately functional teeth. Rather than other tooth replacement techniques, it saves almost tens of thousands of dollars of patients. Also, it keeps patients away from all the pain, discomfort and inconveniences that are related with the multiple surgeries of removable implants.

The All on Four with the cosmetic dentist in Melbourne is really the most sophisticated solution to the edentulism or tooth loss. Its benefits over traditional tooth replacement techniques have made it more accessible options for thousands of people who require oral rehabilitation. Another great benefit of this protocol is its ability to almost always bypass the requirement of bone grafting surgery. Many tooth loss patients have also a substantial loss of bone volume in both their upper and lower jaw due to the untreated tooth loss for too long time.

The teeth roots necessarily keep the underlying bone tissues alive and stimulated. The jaw bone can waste away when the stimulation is lost, which results in that puckered and aged oral appearance. As the prosthetic dental bridge used in the process is anchored in the mouth with the help of All on 4 dental implants, there is no requirement for it to be built with additional stabilising mass as in the case with dentures. At last as a result, the patient will get the far less bulky bridge unlike dentures which does not trigger the gag reflex or impede taste ability.

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