In the recent years, cosmetic dental work has been gaining wide acceptance and fame. Since it is related with the cosmetic mantra of making people more beautiful, this procedure has been a great solution of several people. Cosmetic dental works mainly includes advanced teeth replacement, whitening, surgery, bonding and filling techniques.

Cosmetic dental works helps in reshaping the smile and boosting the confidence level of people. Remarkable teeth replacement options developed using latest technologies would restore the functionality and visual appearance. All on four teeth implants and fabricated dental bridges are highly sought after options.

All on four implants can be a great alternate solution for those people who are suffering from the trouble of using removable dentures. Being a permanent and durable solution, this technique eliminates the need of bone grafting. Compared to traditional replacement solutions, this implant procedure can be completed in minimal surgery time in an easy and safe manner.

Among the latest teeth replacement options, all on four implant technique can be considered as a revolutionary procedure. With higher success rate and minimal healing time, it provides full set of fixed permanent teeth. Another option is dental bridges that can be even used to fill the unattractive gaps between teeth.

Dental bridges can be made from gold, porcelain, metal alloys or combination of any of these materials. Impressions are taken after a complete examination and later it is given for fabrication. Depending on the needs, budget limitations and oral health of the patient, dentist would prefer the proper solution.

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